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Profiles for the extension of Willemstad


Profiles for the extension of Willemstad

Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Profilen behoorende tot stadspoort.

These profiles are part of the plans for the extension of Willemstad. Attention is given to the distance between the fortifications and their location relative to the coast. The profile at the upper left shows the extension of the Bloedfort bastion, the one right of it depicts part of the new wing to the north of the city and the one at the right corner a measurement of the new town gate is drawn. Further below several profiles of new bastions, curtain walls and batteries can be found. These designs crown the plans made by Willem Meijer in 1746 to move the town wall further east from Fort Amsterdam than originally thought safe. The distance of the town from the fort required these improved defences.

Scale-bar of 50 Rhineland feet = 150 ‘strepen’.

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