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Map of the Caribbean


Map of the Caribbean

Keulen, Gerard Hulst van / Sikkena, Jan

Title Leupe: Nieuw groote en seer curieuse Paskaart van Geheel West-Indien, vertoonende alle deszelfs Eylanden, Bayen en Rivieren, mitsgaders alle droog-tens en dieptens enz.

This map covering the entire Caribbean Sea was made between 1704 and 1720 in the workshop of the Amsterdam cartographical publisher and map-maker Gerard van Keulen (1678-1726). This maps, as mentioned in French at the upper left corner, is based on the observations of Jan Sikkena. Numerous ports, rhumb lines and shallow waters are drawn. In the lower left corner, figures and sea monsters illustrate the title.

Scale-bar of 130 German miles = 188 ‘strepen’.

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Sources and literature

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