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Map of the Caribbean routes of Spanish galleons


Map of the Caribbean routes of Spanish galleons

Ottens, Jousua / Ottens, Reinier

Title Leupe: Nova Isthmi Ameriaani quit et Panamiensis item Dariensen, Tabula in qua Urbe Porto Bello, Panama et Carthagena etc. Nova Tabula exhibens Insulas, Cuban et Hispaniolam vulgo S. Domingo etc.

This is one of the maps printed by the brothers Joshua and Reinier Sr. Ottens between 1726 and 1750. Much of their work concerns reprints of older maps. This map also appears to derive from seventeenth century depictions of the Carribean routes of Spanish galleons. Numerous of these routes are indicated with dotted lines. Notations around these lines tell about Spanish navigation. In addition, the map contains many hachures and cities, both coastal and inlands. At the upper right three insert maps can be found. The left one, written in English, shows the St. Augustin port in Spanish Florida, the middle one Havana on Cuba and the right one a city on St. Dominique. These insert maps are also reprints of older material.

Scale-bar of 30 German miles = 70 ‘strepen’.

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