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Map of the Caribbean islands


Map of the Caribbean islands

Ottens, Jousua / Ottens, Reinier / Danckerts, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Stoel des oorlog in America, waarin vertoont werden alle desself voornaamste Eylande, nieuwelycks uytgegeven.

This is one of the maps printed by the brothers Joshua and Reinier Sr. Ottens between 1726 and 1750. Much of their work concerns reprints of older maps. This map was originally drawn by Cornelius Danckerts between 1680 and 1700. Striking are the depictions of the Carribean routes of Spanish galleons with dotted lines. In addition, the map contains many hachures and cities, both coastal and inlands. An index at the upper left clarifies these symbols. The title refers to the ongoing wars between the European colonial powers. Colours and descriptions indicate which colonies belong to whom.

Scale-bar of 60 miles = 73 ‘strepen’.

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