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Sketch of Fort Collenburg


Sketch of Fort Collenburg

Schrijver, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Batterye voor de Vuykhaven en de Bulle Baey van St. Cruz. Soo als geapprobeert is by de Ronduit te maken.

This is one of the maps of Fort Collenburg which Captain Cornelis Schrijver made in 1737. Together with the accompanying report, these maps give a impression of the modest proportions and light armament of this fortification and also suggest ways to improve it. On this sketch, a profile is shown of the walls. The series and suggestions were to no avail and the improvements appear to have never been made. The only occasion on which the fort was actually attacked, on the 18th of June 1805 in the run-up to the British action against Fort Beekenburg led by Murray, the fort easily fell into enemy hands and was later destroyed by the British during their retreat to their ships. In passing, Schrijver states that during his inspection of Collenburg he had no foot-rule with him and so had just ‘paced out’ the measurements.

Scale-bar of 30 feet = 230 'strepen'.

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