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Map of St. Barthelemy


Map of St. Barthelemy

Fahlberg, Samuel / Akerland, E.

Title Leupe: " "Charta öfver Canalerna och Utloppen emellan öarna fran St Barthelemy till Dogg och Prickle Pear." Met karton voorstellende de baai van Le Carenage en de stadGustavia op St. Bartholomeus.”

This Swedish map was printed shortly after the Swedish acquisition of St. Bartholomeus. King Louis XVI handed the island over in return for trade rights in Gotenburg. The Swedes subsequently declared Gustavia a free port which suddenly attracted many ships to the island. The fact that the British island Anguilla and the Dutch-French island Saint Martin were right around the corner, greatly stimulated this free trade. Hence these islands are depicted on this map too. A ground plan of Gustavia can be found at the lower left.

North is up.

Scale of 1 : 126.000.

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