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Map of coastal and riverside areas in Guyana


Map of coastal and riverside areas in Guyana

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Title Leupe: Kaart van een gedeelte der rivieren Demerary; Essequebo, Ponmaron enz., met aanwijzing der grensscheiding tusschen de Republiek en Spanje. 18de eeuw.

Map of the coasts of Demerara, Essequibo, and Pomeroon, from the Mahaicony creek to the river Waini. Map shows the demarcation between Dutch and Spanish territories, the rivers, the coast and the characteristics of the adjacent land, such as woodland, burnt woodland, swamps and cultivated areas. – On top the number XXXV and the coat of arms of the WIC, Amsterdam Chamber, surrounded by banderoles with a quote from the Aeneid: Vicina Coegi / Ut quam vis Avido Parerent Arva Colono (“Ik have forced the nearby fields to obey to the farmer, however demanding he was.”) – Scale bar of X Lieues, de 20 au dégré (= ca. 1 : 474.000)

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