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Map of the Surinamese coast


Map of the Surinamese coast

Vos, J. / Veelwaard, D. / Hulst van Keulen, Wed. Gerard

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Kust van Nederlandsch Guyana, met bijzondere plans van de rivieren SurinameCoppename, Corantyn en Nickerie enz.

This map of the coast of Suriname attempt to depict the main routes along the Surinamese rivers as well as between Suriname and other Dutch domains. Note, for instance, the route of the frigate Algiers and the transportship Dordrecht at the right side of the map. The coast merely contains placenames and rivers. At sea, soundings and seabanks are indicated. The insertmaps at the top of the map show the most important Surinamese waterways with data useable for navigation.

North is up.

Scale-bar of 1/75000.

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