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Map of the rivers of Suriname


Map of the rivers of Suriname

Keulen, Gerard van

Title Leupe: _Pas

Kaart van de rivieren Commewina, Suriname, Suramaca, Cupanama en Courantin, vertoonende alle desselfs Plantagien en wie dezelve bezitten._

This map shows the plantations along the major rivers of Suriname, which are indicated through their names and/or those of their owners. The names of creeks are noted down in a similar fashion. The map includes soundings, elevation, decorative trees and indications of shallows. It draws the riverways crudely and given its early eighteenth century origin, made little use of the growing amount of topographic information available in the Dutch Republic on this region.

North is below.

Scale-bar of 12 German Miles = 158 ‘strepen’.

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