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Map of Surinam


Map of Surinam

Rosevelt, Johan Francois Adriaan Cateau van / Lansberge, J.F.A.E. van / Smulders, A.J.

Title Leupe: "Kaart van Suriname naar de opmetingen gedaan in de jaren 1860-1879 door J.F.A. Cateau van Rosevelt en J.F.A.E. van Lansberge." Met kartons voorstellende: plattegrond van Paramaribo en een kaart Nieuw-Rotterdam met aanduiding van het weggespoelde deel en van de nieuwe vestigingsplaats Nieuw-Nickerie."

This map is based on the surveys conducted by the authors between 1861 and 1879. The original drafts of these surveys belong to the former collection of the Tropenmuseum. Van Rosevelt arrived in Suriname around 1844 as a gunner and was assigned as cartographer in 1861 to map out the Marowijne River. A year later he was tasked to search gold mines in the colony. During this work he discovered nearly all former maps, including those of Van Heneman, did not suffice. Hence, he and his friend van Lansberge started drafting an overview which would finally explore the entire Surinamese hinterland. It is important to note they conducted this work simultaneously with the release of slaves in 1683 and the consequential bankruptcy of numerous plantations. This map luckily still contains the names of these plantations. Van Rosevelt also added notes of the Surinamese nature and culture and gave hints to gold diggers. Three insert maps are included.

North is up.

Scale-bar of 1 : 200.000.

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