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Plan for new buildings on Borselen Island


Plan for new buildings on Borselen Island

Kanne, Carl Christiaan

Title Leupe: Grondteekeningen en opstanden van Militaire en Burgerlyke gebouwen te Demerary, van verschillende groote en afmeetingen.

In Heneman’s 1774-1775 and Kanne’s 1779 project plans for Borselen Island and the east bank of the Demerara River, both engineers not only produced maps and ground plans but also architectural designs for the projected new buildings.

This is an alternative design that Carl Christiaan Kanne presented for a military barracks.

The map shows the design using a front view, profile and floor plan.

Scale-bar of 60 Rhineland feet = 11 ‘strepen’ [approximately 1 : 90].

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Sources and literature

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