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Map of the Le Maire Strait and the Magelhaen Strait


Map of the Le Maire Strait and the Magelhaen Strait

Janssonius, Johannes / Anoniem / Anonymous

Map of the Le Maire Strait and the Magelhaen Strait.

Title in the Leupe Catalogue (NA): Tabula Magellanica qua sierrae de Fuego, cum Celeberrimis fretes a F. Magellano et J. Le Maire detectis etc.

Tabula / Magellanica, / qua Tierrae del Fuego, / Cum / celeberrimis fretis a F. Magellano / et I. Le Maire detectis / Novißima et accuratißima descriptio exhibetur.

Key a-l; R-V. In 1615-1617 Jacob le Maire (1585-1616) and Willem Cornelisz. Schouten (ca.1567-1625) discovered a new sea passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans south of the Magelhaen Strait: the Le Maire Strait. This new sea passage opened up an alternative route to sail to the Indies, enabling vessels to circumvent the Dutch East India Company's monopoly on sailing through the Magellan Strait. They also discovered the Le Maire Strait and Cape Horn, which they named after Schouten's home town. Despite their discoveries, their journey did not prove successful. On arrival in Batavia they were not believed and their remaining ship, the Eendracht, was confiscated along with its cargo.

Cf. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, inv. nr. 1049B13_090.

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