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View of city and Fort Zeelandia on Taiwan


View of city and Fort Zeelandia on Taiwan

Anoniem / Anonymous / Meurs, Jacob van

View of city and Fort Zeelandia on Taiwan.-

Stadt en Casteel Zelandia op 't Eiland Taywan.

Key: A. Het Governeurs huys. / B. De Kerck. / C. De Waegh. / D. t Smits huys daer des Compagnies Harnassen en ander gereetschap gemaeckt wordt. / E. Het Gereght. F. Vlys Hall. / G. Marckt. / H. Gevangen Huys. / I. t Kartier. / K t Reduit. / L. t Casteel.

Various Chinese junks are shown moored or sailing in the harbour, on the right hand side the East Indiamen are depicted.

Pieter van Hoorn undertook his voyage to the Chinese Imperial Court in 1662-1663.

Dr Olfert Dapper (1636-1689) published a large number of books after 1663. He wrote a history of the city of Amsterdam and furnished the first Dutch translation of Herodotus. But he is known particularly for his many descriptions of foreign lands which he compiled from various sources, without ever seeing the countries he wrote about for himself. This view of Zeelandia is taken from a description of Imperial China.

The publisher of this volume, Jacob van Meurs, was also an engraver. However it is not certain whether he was the engraver of these prints.

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Sources and literature

Dapper, Olfert, Gedenkwaerdig bedryf der Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Maetschappye, op de kuste en in het keizerrijk van Taising of Sina (1670)