Reis Magos, siege works against the fort of

The Forte dos Reis Magos or Fortaleza dos Reis Magos (Fortress of Three Wise Men), is a fortress located in the city of Natal in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. The fortress was founded on the south side of the bar of the Potengi River after the Portuguese conquest of the region. It received its name based on the date of commencement of its construction, 6 January 1598, at Epiphany in the Catholic calendar.

In 1633 the WIC in Brazil decided to undertake an expedition to conquer the Fortress of Reis Magos. The expedition sailed on 5 December 1633 from Recife and consisted of 800 men commanded by Delegated Director Van Ceulen, Lieutenant Colonel Bylsma, Political Councillor Carpentier and Admiral Lichthart. The fleet landed part of the force at Punto Negro and these troops marched to the castle which they reached at nightfall. The next day they started making approaches and after landing some pieces of artillery, started to shoot at the castle with mortars from batteries they constructed in the dunes. These siege works constitute a multiple object.

After several days of bombardment the garrison of 80 Portuguese surrendered and 9 bronze and 22 iron pieces were found in the castle. Major Garstman was left with 150 men to occupy the castle which was baptized Casteel Ceulen and on 20 December the fleet returned to Recife where it arrived on 27 December.