Sidangoli, fort

Little is known about the history of Fort Sidangoli on the west coast of Jaililo (Halmaheira). The sultan of Ternate had a pleasure ground in Sidangoli, where he went deer hunting. The village lay in an area where the Dutch East India Company regularly organized hongi expeditions to destroy clove trees outside the areas under their control.

The fort is square with a half bastion in the southeast corner. It is unknown when and by whom it was built. It occurs on a map of the island of Ternate, Ternate Islands ', Batahina, Maquian and Batchian Tidor, Halmaheira '' by Isaac de Graaff, made between 1680-1683. The locals called the fort Kota Intan (Diamond City). The VOC had a shipyard for the construction of small vessels in Sidangoli.

In 1797 Prince Nuku of Tidore captured Ternate with English support. His supporters laid siege to fort Sidangoli in 1801 but were driven out by the 70 soldiers. Afterwards the garrison left the redoubt. In 1865 there was a small garrison in fort Sidangoli. In 2007 parts of the wall of the fort were still standing.


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