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Map of plantations at the Commewijne and Suriname Rivers


Map of plantations at the Commewijne and Suriname Rivers

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: Caerte van de rivieren van Suriname en Commowine met derselver uytstroomende Creecken met alle de landen soo verre deselve bewoonde worden. Verschillende mijlschalen.

This map shows the approximately hundred plantations at the Commewijne River and the Cottica Creek and depicts some of the plantations around the Surinam River. The numbers used to designate the former lots likely refer to ownership as some of the numbers occur mutliple times. The shared colours of lots with the same reference numbers strenghtens this impression. Given the decorated banderole and sketchy impression of the colonies this map was likely produced for a wider audience. Judging from the multiple plantations around the source of the Commewijne river, this map likely reflects the situation after the 1730s when a new round of cultivation started.

Both a coloured and black and white version are available.

North is below.

Scale-bar of 200 chains = 5 1/2 Rhineland rods = 23 'strepen'.

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