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General map of the plantations in Suriname


General map of the plantations in Suriname

Moseberg, Johann Heinrich

Title Leupe: Nieuwe speciaal kaart van de Colonie Suriname met de tot de cultuure gebragd zynde Landen en Plantagien.

This overview is dedicated to the Comitee of Batavian Possessions in America and the African coast. Emphasis is put on the cultivated plantations as well as a new project aimed at opening new lots. For example, at the bottom right the plan of land surveyor Bohm to open 240 lots along the Saramacca River is displayed. Buildings and fortifications are drawn in red. At the upper right an insert map can be found with a ground plan of Paramaribo city and the nearby settlement of Zeelandia. An index refers to the main buildings in these places while streetnames are all written out inside the map itself. The map is well decorated. The title cartouche shows Surinamese inhabitants and a turtle, while ships enter port at the bottom of the map.

North is below.

Scale-bar of 1400 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 270 ‘strepen’.

VEL1679A is another copy of this map

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