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General map of Suriname


General map of Suriname

Heneman, Johan Christoph van / Sypestein, C.A. van / Cleef, van

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Colonie Suriname, een gedeelte van Guyana, Nederlandsche Bezitting op het vaste land van Zuid Amerika enz.

This general map of Suriname is a reprint of Heneman’s 1784 multi-sheet, large-scale map titled Kaart van de Colonie Suriname en de onderhoorige rivieren en Districten, zoverre derzelver ontdekkingen nu zyn strekkende met de tot Culture gebragt zynde Landen en Plantagien (see VEL 1677A-G). Heneman produced this map for the directors and governors of the WIC residing in the Dutch Republic as an overview of the entire colony of Suriname, which emphasized the main plantation areas around the Commewijne and Suriname Rivers and gave a geographical impression of the uncultivated lands outside this zone. While the borders of the plantations were drawn tightly, nature was described in general terms like Highlands with forest or Mud with sand. In the seventy years since its original publication, much of this periphery had been explored. Nonetheless, the editor’s main contribution to the map are not added details in the hinterland, but a plan of Paramaribo which was taken from Moseberg’s 1801 print (see VEL1679A-D).

Scale-bar of 1:194000.

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