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Map of the district between Para and Saramacca


Map of the district between Para and Saramacca

Moseberg, Johann Heinrich

Title Leupe: Schetskaart van het District tusschen Para en Saramakka enz.

This cadastral map by Johann Heinrich Moseberg shows the estates along the Pad van Wanica (Wanica Path) and south and southwest of there to beyond Pararac Creek assigned or still to be assigned in 1786-1787. This Wanica Path was the southerly extension of Wanica Street, then the western boundary of the town, and it was the principal overland access road to the plantation area of Wanica between Para Creek and the Saramacca. Now called Indira Gandhi Road and John F. Kennedy Road, this is the main southern exit road of Paramaribo. When Moseberg surveyed it, about 25 kilometres south of Paramaribo the Path came out onto Pararac Road. If this was followed for a while in a westerly direction, via a patrol path through the forest, one would eventually arrive at the military post Voorzorg on the Saramacca. This post is indicated on the map as is the Uitkijk (Lookout) or Post Kijkuit at the mouth of Wanica Creek. There are no indications at all of the planned Wanica Canal.

North is below.

Scale-bar of 800 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = [approximately 1 : 79,000].

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