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Map of the plantations along the canal and Path of Wanica


Map of the plantations along the canal and Path of Wanica

Lieftinck, Franciscus L.

Title Leupe: Kaart hoofdzakelyk raakende de gronden geleegen aan het Wanica pad.

This map shows the cultivated and projected plantations at the canal and Path of Wanica. The Wanica Path was the southerly extension of Wanica Street, then the western boundary of Paramaribo. With its extensions past the plantation of Beekhuizen it was the principal overland access road to the plantation area of Wanica between Para Creek and the Saramacca. Now called Indira Gandhi Road and John F. Kennedy Road, this is the main southern exit road of Paramaribo. By the late eighteenth century, about 25 kilometres south of Paramaribo the Path came out onto Pararac Road. If this was followed for a while in a westerly direction, via a patrol path through the forest, one would eventually arrive at the military post Voorzorg (not to be confused with the later leper hospital near Fort Groningen) on the Saramacca. The canal was dug through swamps, forests and plantations to improve the connection between the Path and the Creek. This map clearly shows the extension occuring after the completion of the Path and canal. 129 new parcels are projected around these waterworks. The cultivated plantations are provided with designations or names of the owners and their extent in Surinamese acres (1 acre = 0,43 hectare).

North is below.

Scale-bar of 300 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 155 ‘strepen’.

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