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Plan for the Oranje roads


Plan for the Oranje roads


Titel Leupe: Plan Ideal du chemin d'Orange, dans la province de Nassau et principauté de Surinama au royaume de Guyana, et des poste des rivières de Para, Courpine et Tarvaricourou.

This is a project plan for a web of paths between villages and plantations in the area bordering the Saramacca, Suriname, Para, Courpine and Tarvaricourou Rivers which crossed both Dutch Guyana and Suriname. The web would make it possible to cross the forests and savannes between these rivers in ten hours. Given the reputed numbers of Marrons and deserters roaming this region, improving the roads was of key interest in protecting the plantations and villages mentioned on the map. Nonetheless, it is unknown whether they were ever built.

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