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Map of the coast between the Essequibo and Suriname rivers


Map of the coast between the Essequibo and Suriname rivers

Heneman, Johan Christoph van

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Kust van Guiana, tusschen Rio Berbice en Rio Suriname.

On the map by Johan Christoph Heneman, which was presumably made during his posting to the western colonies of 1774-1775, Berbice and western Suriname are shown in their broader context, including their division in lower coastal regions and higher inland areas. Right across that higher hinterland Heneman projected a direct connecting road between Paramaribo and Fort Nassau (A-I, the section A-C of which already existed) to replace the difficult indirect route via land and water, as indicated by the letters a-r, usually followed until that time. His proposed route was never adopted.

North is below.

Scale-bar of 15 hours walking of 200 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = [approximately 1 : 495,000].

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