Mecoponacka, fort

The area between the modern Chester and Ridley Creeks at Chester, Pennsylvania, was settled in 1641 and called Upland, presumably after a place of that name in Sweden. According to Johnson, a blockhouse was built on an elevated place here, with Christer Boije in charge. In 1643, Printz reported of Upland and Schylenkyll (Schuylkill): “these two places are now open, yet strong wooden houses are built upon them with small stone-cannon.” Yet five years later, Campanius describes Meconopacka or Upland as “an unfortified place,” although he does add “there was a fort built there some time after it settlement. It is good even land along the river shore.” Acrelius, writing much later, probably bases himself on Campanius when he states that this Swedish settlement was located “upon the river shore, on the same plan, with some houses and a fort.” The exact location of the fortification is unknown and the existence of remains would need to be ascertained.

Bronnen en literatuur

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