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Map of the Suriname and Commewijne Rivers


Map of the Suriname and Commewijne Rivers

Straaten, J.C. van

Title Leupe: Plan der rivieren Copename en Sarameca, afgemeten en gecarteert door: v. Straaten.

This map shows the flow of the Coppename and Saramacca Rivers. Attention is paid to the connections between these and other rivers via creeks and trails. Landing spots and forests are thus carefully noted, although the latter factor held economic interests too. Certain people specialized in crossing the wilderness between the rivers. For instance, one post officer is mentioned who brought the news between from Suriname to the Corentyne and Berbice and back. Still, the available routes were limited, and the survey to which this map refers was looking for new alternatives. One of these new routes was found between the Correntyne and Coppename Rivers via the Wajombe Creek, as is discussed in the upper left annotation. The reference numbers at the mouth of the rivers are not elaborated.

North is below

Scale-bar 799 Surinamese Chains of 5 1/2 Rhineland Rods = 130 ‘strepen’.

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