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Map of the Atlantic Ocean


Map of the Atlantic Ocean

Jagen, Jan van / Keulen, Gerard Hulst van

Title Leupe: Pascaart vertoonende de West-Indische als ook de Westelykste Custen van Europa en Afrika. Eertyds in 't ligt gebracht door wijlen Pieter Goos enz., door Joanes van Keulen en Zoonen.

This map of the Atlantic Ocean pays much attention to the South-American coast. The annotation at the lower left reveal the coast of Brazil has been remeasured and an insert map can be found next to them of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. It is one of the firsts maps on a large scale which was printed by Gerard Hulst van Keulen after he and his brother inherited his father’s business in 1755.

North is up.

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