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Map of the route of the Zeepaard


Map of the route of the Zeepaard

Anoniem / Anonymous

Titel Leupe: "Kaartje van 't bestek gehouden op 's Ed. O.I. Comp. Schip 't Zeepaard, Anno 1788 van den 22 Junij tot 26 Sept. bij en onder de Linie Equinoctiaal enz."

This map shows the last journey of the VOC-vessel Zeepaard, which departed from Texel to Batavia under captain Dirk Muller, but lost course between 22 June and 26 September by adverse winds and currents. Ultimately it did arrive in Cape Town in early 1789 en reached Batavia halfway into the year. This map shows the ship's day-by-day coordinates, thus showing the periods when the ship was becalmed or blown off course. Notes account for the causes.

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