Sirri Sorrij


Together with Oelath, Sirri Sorry on the Bay of Saparua was one of the most important trading centres on the island of Saparua. Together with Ulat and Ouw, Sirisori was situated in the most densely populated part of the island. Originally the VOC headquarters for the three islands Saparua (Honimoa), Haruku (Oma) and Nusa Laut were situated here, but this later became Fort Duurstede in Saparua town. Sirri Sorry had a redoubt, known as Hollandia. Originally a house built of wooden planks and used for storing merchandise, it was later upgraded to a small fort and subsequently a major castle. In 1669 its walls were heightened and a moat dug. The fort was demolished by an earthquake in 1671 but was subsequently rebuilt.