Angke, fort


In 1656 war broke out between the VOC in Batavia and the sultanate Bantam (Banten) .The High government ordered the construction of the earthwork Sterrenschans at the junction of the Bacharachtsgracht and Kali (river) Angke four kilometres west of the city.

In 1657 the earthwork was replaced by a seven angular stone redoubt designed by surveyor Johannes Listingh. De redoubt stood on a little island at the confluence of the Bacharachtsgracht and kali Angke and was accessible by a little bridge. There was a garrison of 25 men.

In 1679 the fort was enlarged by the construction of a wall with four bastions. The existing redoubt was recorded within the new ramparts. Inside the fort stood several buildings including the house of the commander and a guardhouse.

The fort was demolished by order of Governor General Herman Willem Daendels (1808-1811) in 1809. Today, there are no visible remains of it. The site of the demolished fort can easily be found on the peninsula between Kali Angke and Angke Saluran.


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