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Map and scenes of Batavia with various surrounding forts


Map and scenes of Batavia with various surrounding forts

Homännischen Erben (firm of mapmakers) / Homann, Johann Baptist

A bird's eye view map of Batavia encircled by four different city scenes. The city of Batavia and its surrounding forts is depicted as well as several ships in the harbour. The key is situated top left, out to sea, while a written description of the city is rendered top right.

The city scenes comprise:

Top right: Das Rath-Haus.

Centre right: Prospect des Castels von innen, mit des Herrn Gouverneur-Generals Bewohnung.

Bottom centre: Prospect von Batavia; a view of the city from the sea with several vessels in the foreground. The image is flanked by natives and wild animals and accompanied by a key underneath. The key reads a-g and the points named are: Seeburg, Groningen, Bast. Cuylenburg.

Centre left: Prospect der Stadt Batavia von der Morgen Seite anzusehen.

Key upper left: A-I, a-z, aa, bb, 1-20

Identical with the coloured engravings RP-P-1911-211, RP-P-1921-877, AVS3572.

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Sources and literature

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