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Map of Zeelandia and environs, Formosa


Map of Zeelandia and environs, Formosa

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title in the Leupe Catalogue (National Archives): "Caerte van des vijants gelegentheijt op Quelang ende Tangswij op het noorteijnde van Isla Formosa". NV: this is incorrect; depicted is Zeelandia and environs, not northern Taiwan. This title refers to a different chart, however this map is known as VELH0141 as listed in the Leupe Catalogue.

See alongside key L: het vleckjen Provintie.

Signature partly legible: Cornelis ...ockey

Notes on reverse: Formosa 1652 / Een perfect caertjen vant Taijouanse canael / no. 63 / Canaal van Tajowan / No. 28 / 113 / 400.

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