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Map of Africa below the equator


Map of Africa below the equator

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: "Engelsche kaart van "Congo, Angola, Cafres, Mono-Emugi, Monomotapa, Zanguebar, Madagascar etc." van benoorden de Congo tot aan Kaapland."

This British drawing ranges from Angola to Madagascar with much –often fictional

information of hinterland settlements, lakes and rivers. Especially the Zara Lake remained a persistent cartographic assumption. The anonymous mapmaker attempted to grant an overview of the people (indicated with a P) and the polities (indicated with a K for Kingdoms). Dating this drawing is problematic, but the presence of Franschhoek in the Dutch Cape Colony, which was founded in 1688, points towards an 18th century origin.

Scale-bar ± 1 : 6.500.000.

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