South Africa

In 1652 the political Council of the Cape decided to commission an investigation of the area comprising St. Helena Bay, Saldanha Bay and nearby rivers and islands. The Company wanted to see whether the regions could be profitably exploited. If possible the Company wanted to engage in barter with the Koina tribe. Because the entire western coast north of the Cape fell outside the Company's charter, it could be claimed by the WIC or by other European powers. Eventually the Company founded a post at Saldanha Bay to repair VOC vessels and to avert a possible enemy threat. Thanks to the situation of its bay, Saldanha was a good anchorage for the Company's vessels. The post also played a key role in the supply of refreshments for VOC ships en route to the east. It supplied the vessels with fish, meat and vegetables. Until 1700 this outpost represented the northernmost borderpoint of the Cape colony. After 1795 it fell under the control of the British.