Frederik Hendrik, fort (Boavista)

In June 1630 it was decided that a pentagonal fortification should be constructed south of the main quarter which later became known as Fort Frederik Hendrik or Fort Vijfhoeck. In August 1631 the construction was contracted together with the fortification of the Groot Quartier. Dussen described the fort in 1639 as having five bulwarks and a large moat, surrounded by a strong counterscarp and provided with strong palisades. A large hornwork covered all of the high ground near the fort, the rest of the terrain flooded regularly so there was no place where an enemy could lodge himself. The fort was rendered in 1654 and became known as Forte de São Tiago, Forte das Cinco Pontas or Forte das Cacimbas. It was conserved and today is a public Museum called Museu da Cidade.