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Map of the Atlantic Ocean


Map of the Atlantic Ocean

Blaeu Jr., Joan

Title Leupe: _Kaart van den Noorder

en Zuider Atlantischen Oceaan._ This so-called overzeiler or crossing chart for the Atlantic Ocean with the Cart Track (an ‘ideal’ route between the coasts of Brazil and West Africa which became the main route to the Indian Ocean since the second half of the seventeenth century) clearly indicated was probably used on the ship Kattendijk that sailed to the East Indies for the Zeeland Chamber in 1703. In any case the name of the ship is given to the west of the Cape, with the VOC monogram of the Zeeland Chamber (Middelburg) on the lower right. The map-maker has left the non-existent islands Santa Helena Nova to the east of St. Helena and Acencam off the coast of Brazil on the map.

North is up.

This map has been put in the folder for an instruction from 1654 during the extension of the H.I. in 1748.

Scale-bar of 100 German miles [2x] = [approximately 1 : 10,735,000].

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Sources and literature

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